Building Board of Appeals


  • The Brownfield Authority meets as needed.
  • TIFA Office located on the second floor of the Dearborn Heights Justice Center
    25637 Michigan Avenue
    Dearborn Heights, MI 48125


  • Tim Emery, Chairman
  • Lisa Korte, Vice Chairman
  • Donald Willis, Secretary
  • Colleen Garcia, Recording Secretary
  • Chris Hodgins, Recording Secretary
  • Robert Constan, "ex-officio" Council representative
  • Eleanor Gnatek, Treasurer
  • David Berry
  • Ron Cimino
  • William Davis
  • Richard Fetzer
  • David Hull
  • Jim Jomaa
  • John Kellet
  • Don Killion
  • Rose Tripepi
  • Cheryl Wojciechowski


The Board hears appeals that are based on claims that the true intent of a building code or the rules governing construction have been incorrectly interpreted, the provisions of the code do not apply, or an equal or better form of construction is proposed.

For further information regarding this board, please contact:
Colleen Garcia
City of Dearborn Heights Treasurer's Office
Phone: 313-791-3410
Email Colleen Garcia