Civil Service Commission General Government


  • 8 am or 4 pm
  • 3rd Wednesday of each month
  • Council Conference Room in the City of Dearborn Heights City Hall
    6045 Fenton

    Dearborn Heights, MI 48127


  • Margaret Hazlett, Recording Secretary
  • Douglas Bailey
  • Kari McKinnon
  • Scott Maroncelli


The General Government Civil Service Commission was established to provide a civil service system for all full-time paid employees of the City of Dearborn Heights, with the exception of members in the Fire and Police Departments who are subject to Public Act 78, probationary employees, all officers of the City whether elected or appointed, all part-time and/or temporary employees, and all Board or Commission members. In accordance with the City Charter and the Code of Ordinances, the Civil Service Commission oversees all matters related to appointment, employment, promotion, and other changes in status. When appropriate, the Commission conducts investigations, holds hearings, and issues recommendations to the Appointing Authority.

For further information regarding this board, please contact:
Margaret Hazlett
Director, Human Resources
Phone: 313-791-3420
Email Margaret Hazlett