Fine Schedule

Accidents / Speeding / Thru  /  Failed To Yield  /  Failed To Stop  /  Turns

Fine TypeFine Amount
Leaving Scene/OUILCourt
Amber/Red Light130.00
Property Damage150.00
Avoid Signal ~ Private Property130.00
Personal Injury170.00
Right of Way130.00
Right of Way/AccidentSee Accident
Stop Sign130.00
School Bus220.00
Against Amber/Red Light130.00
Improper/Prohibited Turn130.00
1-5 Miles over120.00
6-10 Miles over130.00
11-15 Miles over140.00
16 Miles over150.00
Each Mile over 169.00

Please note: Fines doubled in the construction zone, school zone, or emergency zone

Operator's License / License Plate / Insurance

Fine TypeFine Amount
No. Chauf. -Commercial185.00
Expired Plate130.00
Expired - Show Renewal185.00
Improper Plate185.00
Not on Person - Show Renewal185.00
No Plate130.00
Show License within 15 DaysWaived
Missing, Dirty, Obscured, or Improperly Displayed Plate130.00
No Cycle Endorsement - Show185.00
No Proof of Insurance150.00
No Registration100.00
Show Proof within 15 Days25.00
Show Registration within 15 DaysWaived
Show Proof After 15 Days55.00
Violation of Graduated License150.00

Driving Offenses

Fine TypeFine Amount
Careless Driving230.00
Drove W/O Due Care/Caution130.00
Careless Driving/PropertyN/A
Violation of Basic Speed Law120.00
Damage Accident250.00
Too Fast for Conditions120.00
Careless Driving/Injury Accident270.00
Riding Outside of Vehicle130.00
Left of Center130.00
Drove Through Barricade130.00
Wrong Way on One Way130.00
Drove Around Railroad Gates150.00
`Changing Lanes w/o Signal130.00
Child Restraint95.00
Impeding Traffic175.00
No Seat-belt65.00
Failed to Yield Emergency Vehicle150.00
Improper Start130.00
Improper Lane Use130.00
Drove Thru the Funeral Process150.00
Improper Passing130.00
Drove Over Fire Hose150.00
Follow to Closely130.00
Improper Use of Lights120.00
Obstructed Vision/Control130.00
Fail to Have Vehicle Under Control120.00
Drove Without Lights120.00
Fail to Dim Lights120.00
Drove into Closed Street120.00
Refuse PBT175.00
Double Parking175.00
Operating While Texting175.00

Equipment / Parking

Fine TypeFine Amount
Defective Equipment - Not Repaired120.00
Handicapped Parking$150.00
Show Repair at Police Department & Take the Ticket to Court within 15 DaysWaived
Show permit within 15 Days25.00
Abandon Vehicle, Traffic HazardN/A
Parked on Turf60.00
Double Parking175.00
Fire Lane/Hydrant60.00
No Parking/Trash Day$20/pay within 3 days
$50/pay within 4 - 15 days
No Parking/Snow Day$20/pay within 3 days
$50/pay within 4 - 15 days
All Other Parking Violations50.00


  • A $30 late fee will be charged after 15 calendar days of receiving the violation
  • A $45 clearance fee if a license is suspended
  • After 56 days, a 20% late penalty per mcl 600.4803 on the amount owed
  • A $40 show cause fee if an order to show cause is issued
  • A warrant fee if an arrest warrant is issued