Civil Fees

Credit cards are accepted in person.

Civil Filing Fees (Effective March 1, 2016)

General Civil

Fee TypeFee Amount
1 to 600$35
601 to 1,750$55
1,751 to 10,000$75
Up to 25,000$160

Small Claims

Fee TypeFee Amount
1 to 600$30
601 to 1,750$50
1,751 to 10,000$70
Up to 25,000Max $6,500

Landlord / Tenant

Fee TypeFee Amount
Possession Only$55
1 to 600$90
601 to 1,750$110
1,751 to 10,000$130
Up to 25,000$215

Post Judgement Fees

Collection Fees

Fee TypeFee Amount
Garnishments  (Income Tax, Periodic and Non-Periodic)$15
Request and Order to Seize Property$15
Subpoena for Creditor Exam$15
Notice of Judgment Lien$10

Eviction Fees

Fee TypeFee Amount
Order of Eviction$15
Removal FeeVaries

Additional Fees

Fee TypeFee Amount
Jury Demand$50
Motion Fee (All motions)$20
Appeal Fee$25
Certified Copies$10
Additional Pages$1

Additional service may be required for each named defendant. The statute is regulated and calculated by the eviction officer.

Service Fees

Fee TypeFee Amount
Certified Mail$15
Personal Service$30

Fee for each named defendant.  The fee is for residents of Dearborn Heights. Non-resident service fees will vary, contact Court.