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Ancestry Library Edition
The Library Edition of Ancestry's genealogical tools.

Consumer Health Information Portal

DHCL Consumer Health Information Portal
Assists the public with health & wellness materials and medical research by providing information from reliable sources. Patrons are invited to use the Dearborn Heights Public Library CHIP collection, which consists of books, videos, and online databases related to health topics.

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Mango Languages

Language is an Adventure. Learn real-life conversations with native-speaker audio and cultural context so that you can speak like a local.

LOTE Online for Kids Logo Opens in new windowLOTE for Kids

LOTE Online for Kids is an online database of digital books or eBooks that allows kids to enjoy the magic of books. Each book also comes with English translations to help kids learn languages. LOTE Online for Kids has over 1350+ digital picture books in 45+ languages, with new books and languages released each month. There are also no holds or waitlists.