Ordinance Enforcement / Animal Control


Now that winter has finally arrived, we are reminding everyone that as a resident or business owner in the city it is your responsibility to maintain the sidewalks so that they are safe and passable. Within 24 hours of a snow event, you must clear the snow and ice from your sidewalk otherwise you may receive a ticket which may result in a court appearance as well as fines and costs. Please help keep everyone safe by keeping your sidewalk clear of snow and ice at all times. 

What is The Purpose of Having Ordinances in The City of Dearborn Heights?

Ordinances are adopted to protect and promote the health, safety, comfort, convenience, prosperity, and general welfare of residents and businesses in the City. More specifically, ordinances ensure Dearborn Heights continues to be a clean, safe, and desirable community, protecting your investment as a home or business owner in the City. As the summer months move toward the fall, we will continue to work with our residents and businesses to resolve ordinance-related issues.

Residents are encouraged to report ordinance violations in their neighborhoods. This can be done by calling the Ordinance Department directly at 313-791-3497 or via email at ordinance@dearbornheightsmi.gov

All residents are encouraged to review the City's ordinances by visiting the “Ordinances Online” link in the City Government tab.

Some reminders from the Ordinance Department

Please remember it is a violation of Ordinance to place leaves or any other debris into the roadway. Leaves placed in the roadway can create flooding issues when the catch basins get blocked by the leaves and other debris. 

Please remember to cut your grass and weeds to prevent them from growing over six inches (Sec. 33-52) in height. Maintain your property by keeping your bushes and shrubs neatly trimmed make sure your yard is clear of debris and other items that may be considered blight (Sec. 7-302). Keeping up on property maintenance is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it also reduces the likelihood of getting a visit from rats or other rodents. 

All trash/recyclables must be placed in approved containers (Sec. 17-34) and placed at the curb for pickup on your waste pick up day. If you have extra trash that needs to be picked up besides the two bulk items allowed per week and your trash/recycle container, please contact Priority Waste for special pickup at 855-927-8365. Trash improperly place at the curb (Sec 17-35) may result in an invoice and/or a ticket being issued to the homeowner. Please do not place anything in the roadway (Sec. 17-33) doing so may result in the resident being issued a notice of violation and/or a ticket. Remember to place your trash and recycle containers out of view from the street that you live on (Sec. 17-35) when your waste is not out for collection. 

Residents are allowed to trim back branches, bushes or other foliage that is growing over onto their property from a neighboring property. If you have a concern regarding a tree whether it is on public or private property, please contact DPW at 313-791-6000 for further assistance.  

Animal control tips and information

For animal complaints please contact the Police Department at 313-277-6770. The Animal Control Officer is dispatched from the Police Department and if the Animal Control Officer is unavailable an officer can be sent to check an animal complaint. 

Animal Control does not handle wildlife so if you have an issue with a pest such as a raccoon, groundhog or other rodent you must contact a private company for assistance. 

Animals found running at large (6-94) are subject to impoundment in addition to tickets being issued to the responsible person. This applies to all animals within the city limits. 

The City of Dearborn Heights uses Michigan Humane Society-Westland for stray animal holding. If you have a lost animal in Dearborn Heights, you may contact MHS at 866-648-6263 to inquire about your lost pet or visit them at
900 N. Newburgh Road
Westland, MI 48135

Cat Colony Management Information/Resources

For residents that are interested in learning more about Michigan Humane's Trap-and-Release (TNR) or cat colony management programs, please visit the Neil Meade TNR Program - Michigan Humane.