Chief's Office

Message From Chief Hart

On behalf of the dedicated men and women of the Dearborn Heights Police Department, I would like to welcome you to the DHPD website. The members of our department are committed to providing high-quality police services to you the residents, business owners, and visitors of Dearborn Heights. The purpose of this website is to provide you with detailed information about our department, make it easier for you to interact with members of the department to assist you with your needs and provide my office with feedback about our operations. Our goal is to provide a website that offers knowledge of the services available through our department and allows visitors to the site to have a convenient way to access these services.

As our department moves forward and faces the challenges of policing in the ever-changing and complex world of the 21st century, my administration realizes that we must use our past as a building block while striving to always improve the service that we provide to our community. This website is just one of many new tools that we will use to help increase the level and quality of service that we deliver to you.

Commendation & Complaint Procedures

The Dearborn Heights Police Department strives to provide the highest quality law enforcement services to the citizens and visitors of Dearborn Heights. As such, we are very interested in receiving feedback on the performance of our members, both positive and negative. Please adhere to the following procedures to compliment or complain about the actions of any member of our department:

Citizen Commendation Procedure

  1. To commend or compliment the performance of a member of the Dearborn Heights Police Department, please submit a written letter to my office.
  2. When a letter of commendation is received, it will be forwarded to the employee and their supervisor.
  3. All letters of commendation are placed in the member's civil service personnel file which can impact future promotions or assignments.

Citizen Complaint Procedure

  1. To file a formal complaint against a member of the Dearborn Heights Police Department, a citizen should request a Citizen Complaint form from the on-duty desk supervisor.
  2. The Citizen Complaint form should be completed including as much detail as possible and then returned to the department. The completed Citizen Complaint form can be dropped off at the front desk or mailed to the Chief of Police.
  3. All citizen complaints will be processed by the Office of the Chief of Police and assigned to the appropriate supervisor for an investigation into the allegations.
  4. All citizens filing formal complaints will be contacted by the investigating supervisor during the investigation and upon completion of the investigation be informed of the disposition of their complaint.
  5. Complaints that are sustained by the departmental investigation will result in the appropriate corrective action and/or discipline against the offending member.

The Dearborn Heights Police Department does not offer Animal Control Services. Please contact our Ordinance Office for animal concerns. 313-791-3497.

Request for records must be faxed to 313-274-8456.