Water Department

Responsibilities of the Water Billing Department

The water billing department is responsible for calculating and distributing bills to all residents and businesses in Dearborn Heights. Our water meter readers take actual readings from each house and business and we record them into each customer's account. From there, bills are sent out on a bi-monthly basis to all residents.

The main functions of the department are to maintain customer accounts, investigate high or low water consumption, prepare final bills, answer phone calls from customers, and set up service appointments for stopped meters, final reads, and other types of repairs. Our staff also assists residents in helping to identify leaks at a property. The water billing department works collaboratively with the Department of Public Works to obtain readings and perform repairs throughout the city.

Please call us Monday through Thursday 8 am to 5 pm with any questions at 313-791-3450.

For any online or kiosk payment questions:
DivDat Customer Service
Phone: 313-913-1532

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