Service Fees

Appointment Fees

  • Missed Appointment/No-Shows: $25
  • Water Off/On (Normal Business Hours): $15
  • Water Off (Non-Business Hours): $100

If water is turned off after normal business hours, the water turn-on must be scheduled with our billing department and will be performed during normal business hours except for a valid emergency.

Service Disconnections

There is a $500 charge for disconnecting 3/4” to 2” service lines and a $650.00 charge for disconnecting 3” or larger lines. All disconnections requiring pavement removal shall include a pavement replacement charge of $945 for city streets and/or $1050 for state and county roads. All re-connections will be treated as new water taps and follow those procedures. The property owner understands that all lines are being removed.

Service disconnection applications are available at the Water Department in City Hall or view the Service Disconnection Application (PDF).

Frozen or Lost Meters

The owner of any property where a meter is installed shall be responsible for its care and protection from freezing and damage or interference by any person. The owner of any property where a meter is installed shall be liable for the full repair or replacement cost of any meter.

Hydrant Meter Permit

There will be a $2500 deposit for hydrant permits issued through the Water Department. Hydrant permit applications must be submitted to the Water Department at City Hall and the deposit paid in full. Hydrant meters will be picked up from the Department of Public Works. Upon completion, water usage and/or damage will be deducted from the deposit. The balance will be returned to the applicant within 30 days.