Records Bureau

The Dearborn Heights Records Bureau processes all reports and paperwork generated by members of the department. This bureau also handles Freedom of Information (FOIA) requests, discovery orders, fingerprint requests, and background checks. Additionally, purchase permits and gun registrations are handled by Records Bureau personnel. The Records Bureau is staffed by one Lieutenant and two full-time civilian employees.

Dearborn Heights Records Bureau Services & Fees

Incident Reports

Copies of police reports can be obtained either in person or by mail.

In Person
The Records Bureau is located on the 2nd Floor of the Dearborn Heights Justice Center.

By Mail
Please send your request to the Dearborn Heights Police Department.

Records Bureau
25637 Michigan Ave
Dearborn Heights
MI 48125

The request must include a check or money order (for the appropriate fee amount) made out to the "City of Dearborn Heights".

Fee: $10 per incident report.

Traffic Accident Reports

Copies of traffic accident reports can also be obtained either in person or by mail in the same manner as incident reports.

Fee: $10.

Or you can obtain a copy of your crash report by going online at cLemis.

Background Checks

Records Bureau personnel can conduct a local criminal background check of individuals covering only those incidents involving the City of Dearborn Heights Police Department.

Fee: $10.

A statewide criminal history check can be obtained through the Michigan State Police ICHAT system.

Visit the Michigan State Police Website and click on the "Crime Prevention, Safety, & Police Services" tab.


All requests for Public Safety records under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) are processed through the Records Bureau.

Fees:  $6 every 15 minutes to process the FOIA request ($24 per hour)

$10 per DVD/CD


All requests pursuant to judicial Discovery orders are processed through the Records Bureau.

Fees: $6. flat rate Discovery fee
$1 per page copied
$10 per DVD/CD

Note: If counsel is assigned, no fees will apply.


All requests pursuant to Subpoenas are processed through the Records Bureau.

Fees: $6 flat rate Subpoena fee
$1.00 per page copied
$10.00 per DVD/CD


The Dearborn Heights Police Department will perform applicant fingerprinting for Dearborn Heights residents only. Fingerprints can only be completed using federal fingerprint card FD258 or State of Michigan fingerprint card RI008.

Fee: $15.

Live Scan fingerprinting is also available.
Fee: $60 (includes State of Michigan Fee)

VIN Inspections

Vehicle VIN inspections are performed by officers of the Dearborn Heights Police Department for Dearborn Heights residents only.

VIN inspection forms can be obtained at any Secretary of State branch or off of the Secretary of State website. Inspections by officers will only be performed after payment of the VIN Inspection fee at the Records Bureau.

Fee:  $10.

Bicycle Licenses

City of Dearborn Heights ordinance #32-756 requires that every person residing within the city must register each bicycle owned by them with the police department.  Bicycles can be registered and a bicycle license obtained at the Records Bureau.

Fee: $1 per license

Sex Offender Registration

Sex Offenders must register by calling the front desk using the telephone outside of the Police Department and have their temperature taken prior to entering Dearborn Heights Police Department.

Any fingerprint registrations must be done by appointment at this time by calling the records number at 313-277-7471

Please Note:
Records Bureau personnel can only accept cash or checks (No debit/credit cards), An ATM is located in the first-floor lobby of the Dearborn Heights Justice Center.