Who may request to be postponed or excused?

Persons over 70 years of age may claim exemption from jury service and will be excused upon making the request.

A resident may request postponement or excusal from jury service based upon a medical condition that prohibits serving.  Written documentation from their doctor must be provided, explaining the condition and whether it is temporary or permanent, and why the condition prohibits the jury service.

It is presumed that a naturalized U.S. citizen is able to communicate in English as this is a condition for becoming a naturalized U.S. citizen.  A request to be excused from service for inability to communicate in English is decided by the judge in the courtroom on the day of jury service; you must still appear.

If you are no longer a resident of Dearborn Heights, you may be excused, a valid driver's license with change of address must be produced.

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